Welcome to my page

Within the hubbub 
of everyday life,
 stress quietly accumulates 
and gradually deteriorates 
your physical and 
psychological wellbeing.

I once suffered a complete
 breakdown in my physical
 and mental well-being.
Following this experience, 

I set out to learn about
 reliable natural treatments 
and acquired an International 
Aromatherapy Qualification.

For you, 
who works hard every day, 
I hope this salon can become
 a space of peace and healing.

Owner therapist : Mamiko

While working as a hairdresser, Mamiko searched for the root cause of the repeated physical and mental difficulties she was suffering from. It was at this time that she encountered a complementary therapy known as aromatherapy.
Initially aiming to revitalise herself by studying this form of therapy, Mamiko eventually made the decision to become an aromatherapist. In 2017, Mamiko obtained recognition from the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists in the UK as a certified aromatherapist. In November of the same year, she began to work at a 5-star hotel in London as a Spa Therapist. In 2019, Mamiko obtained VTCT certification, the UK’s most official qualification. Mamiko has since begun to extend her fields of expertise to include Esthetics.